Alan Walker x A$AP Rocky - Live Fast (PUBGM) | Lyric Video   Открыть случайное

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Walkers! I’m so excited to finally share #LiveFast with you, which is my brand new collab with A$AP Rocky! It's amazing to work on another PUBG Mobile theme song, let me know in the comments if you hear it in the game! Hope you like the lyric video, and stay tuned for the official music video as well!

- Alan

Check out the song here:

Download PUBG Mobile to check out the song and find new Alan Walker in-game outfits:

Concept by: Marcell Bandickson, Sthlm Creators
Motion graphics: Wirat Johannessen, apparat
Edit: Mads Neset
Text animation: Ola Kassen
Additional footage: Jakob Ingimundarson
Produced by MER Recordings

Live fast for the moment
Keep burning on both ends
I gotta get out ‘fore I die, out...

Автор: Alan Walker
Уникальный id материала: 493
Длительность материала: 00:03:53